A pre-purchase inspection is vital, especially in older homes and buildings, which are likely to have aged naturally or have not had proper maintenance. Before you invest in a home or any property, building inspection to check for pests, and to examine plumbing and electrical features is important. This work must be done by professional building inspectors to make sure every stone is turned.

House Inspection Melbourne

Things Checked During Building Inspection

During pre-purchase building inspections, the following assessments are included:

  • The inspector checks the footings and walls foundations.
  • Ceiling, windows, and doors are inspected too.
  • A thorough inspection of the roof and framing
  • Plumbing systems and any traces of dampness
  • Any illegal extension connected to the property
  • Electrical wiring

Pest inspections are also included and carried out by pre-purchase building inspectors. Reasons to hire experts include:

  • They can quickly identify signs of pests that can destroy property such as termites and white ants. They will spot infestation signs and warn you about the property.
  • Hollow woods may not be easy to notice for an ordinary home buyer. But pest inspectors will spot excavated woods, which are usually eaten from the inside by terminates.
  • Another sign of termites identified via building inspection is blistering paint on windows, walls, and windows.
  • Moist areas create a breeding hub for infestations, but a professional inspector will check and examine them to determine possible damage of the property.
  • Checking for any untreated timber. This means all garden areas must be inspected.

Some of these critical signs are not easy to identify. What you need in Melbourne is a team of professional pre-purchase building inspections. They ensure that you buy a quality property that will not cost you a fortune to repair. Contact BPI North Melbourne today!


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