Are you planning to sell or purchase a home? Would you like to know the structural integrity of your property? Or identify the existing or potential structural problems? If your answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’, then you are on the right track.

Building and Pest Inspection

At Building and Pest Inspections North Melbourne, we have a team of experienced surveyors who conduct property inspection and provide a comprehensive report on its exact condition. Our services are available to developers, builders, building contractors, project managers, homeowners and real estate agents across Airport West and the surrounding suburbs at the most competitive prices.

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Pre-Purchase Inspection Airport West:

Finding a structural problem with your newly purchased home can be disappointing. Sometimes, it can be costly too. With our wealth of experience, we are able to effectively determine any structural defects found within your building. Besides identifying the problem, our building inspectors will be able to provide advice on the remedies needed to fix the defects.

Structural Inspection Airport West:

Our structural inspection gives you a complete overview on the structural condition of the building. During the inspection, we will also look for symptoms such as cracking and damages in the walls, foundation, concrete slabs and other parts of the building. Other systems such as electrical, plumbing and interior of your home will also be evaluated as a part of our service.

Pest Inspection Airport West:

If you notice any signs or symptoms of pest infestation in your property and want to get rid of it, you can contact our inspectors to conduct pest inspection. We will inspect your property to determine the type of pest and level of infestation in your property.

Tax Depreciation Schedules Airport West:

As a recognised Australian Tax Office Agent, we will complete tax depreciation schedules for residential, commercial and industrial properties, ensuring maximum cash return on your investment property.

Whether you suspect structural deficiency or pest infestation, call us at 1800 505 640 for building inspection services.