Making the right decision can be tricky. It is especially tricky when it concerns a property investment. You do not ever want to rush into buying, for instance, a two-bedroom home in Albion, without having all the facts.

Building and Pest Inspections

And what facts might those be, other than knowing the price of every other similar property in the area?

Those facts point to the very condition of the property you intend to buy. We’re not talking simply about repairs or defects you can see with the naked eye. We’re talking about a thorough look and understanding of the home, from the interior area to the exterior part. This kind of knowledge can only come from the professional building and pest inspections (Albion services) we provide.

Here are five good reasons to call us and arrange those inspections today:

  1. The property in Albion might be old.

Old homes may have more potential safety hazards, from an old roof that could give way given the right weather condition to a foundation that has been damaged over the years. These problems are not likely to be determined with a simple visual inspection. By hiring professional building inspectors, you will have a thorough assessment of an old property and decide whether or not to make an offer.

  1. You can use the defects or repair issues we find during negotiation.

If you still want to move forward with the property, for whatever reason, then the defects uncovered from the building inspections will give you sufficient bargaining advantage.

You can ask the seller to cut the price down by a few thousand dollars, adding that you will be spending a great deal of money to restore the place.

  1. We give you professional advice on how to fix the Albion property.

Building and pest inspections not only discover the defects in a property. Inspectors who have had several years on the job will also be able to make professional recommendations on what you can do to fix the problem or even prevent a potential problem.

  1. You will be moving in with your kids.

In certain areas, some properties may be prone to pest infestation, and our professional pest inspection can determine this problem. Remember, termites are not just deadly for any property, but they are also dangerous to your health, especially for kids whose immune systems are not as strong as adults’.

  1. Our inspections give you peace of mind.

Finally, BPI Gold Coast South building and pest inspectors will use the most modern tools to conduct their jobs, from moisture metres to thermal imaging cameras. With such technology at our hands, you will be able to make the right decision.