Building and Pest Inspections Epping

Building Inspection EppingYou’re planning to move to Epping, to start your new life as a married couple or perhaps for professional reasons. Or maybe your current home can no longer meet the needs of your growing family.

You think you have found the right property for you – it’s ample in size, located near schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. Your mortgage has been pre-approved and you’re ready to make an offer to the seller.

Before you make a commitment

But before you do that, there is one more thing that you need to tick off your home buying to-do list – and that’s to have the home inspected by independent professionals. But why?

When you are spending a substantial amount of money to purchase a home, the last thing that you’d want is to spend more money to repair a faulty plumbing system, for example, or to get rid of a termite infestation.

Building and pest inspections Epping locals ought to know can prevent these. How?

You have probably already viewed the property a few times before deciding that it is the right buy for you. Everything looked in proper order and in good condition.

Beyond what the eye can see

That is exactly the reason why you should hire BPI Building and Pest Inspections consultants to check the property for you.

More often than not, potential problems are difficult to see unless you have been trained professionally to do so. On the surface, everything may look good, but once the surface layer has been peeled off, that’s where things can get quite tricky. And that may not be entirely the fault of the seller. Even a well-intentioned seller can easily gloss over a problem because he does not know what to look for exactly.

Thorough and objective assessment of the property

Using state-of-the-art equipment like moisture metres and thermal imaging cameras, BPI consultants can pinpoint structural and pest problems. BPI specialists will carefully evaluate all the reasonably accessible areas of a property including the interior, exterior, roof exterior and void, subfloor and the general site.

And as an impartial and objective party in the sales process, you are assured that these professionals will have your best interests in mind, whatever the outcome of the negotiations may be.

Don’t gamble with your money

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll probably ever make. It can also make a substantial impact on your financial capability for the years to come. As such, you wouldn’t wish to gamble your money away and further compromise your finances. Due diligence today can make a marked difference in your future.