Purchasing a property is a complex process that entails numerous tasks. One task that you should put on your to-do list is enlisting the help of professionals specialising in building and pest inspections.

Why subject a property to inspection?

Apart from making sure that you are making a sound investment, getting a property professionally inspected will ensure that the home is safe to live in. Furthermore, potential problems that can cost you a great sum of money can be brought to the forefront. Early awareness of these issues can either give the buyer the necessary leverage to negotiate the selling price or prevent the buyer from buying a lemon.

What should be included in the inspection?

A thorough inspection conducted by a professional should adhere to Australian Standard 4349.1- 1995 and should include various parts of the property including the interior, exterior, subfloor, roof exterior, roof void and other premises within the property.

When should the property be inspected?

Ideally, the property should be professionally inspected before the buyer is ready to make an offer for the home and sign a contract.

Why choose BPI Building & Pest Inspections?

For quality Building and Pest inspections Greensborough locals keen on buying their property should consider hiring experts who are thorough and objective — professionals who can help you make an informed purchasing decision.

BPI’s qualified building inspections professionals act as independent consultants and do not have affiliations with real estate agents or pest control firms.

What will you get?

Thorough inspection – BPI has developed an inspection system that enables consultants to cover all the important aspects of timber building and pest inspections. Along with this, BPI consultants utilise technical equipment like thermal imaging cameras which leave no stone unturned.

Clear, concise reports – After inspection, you will receive a detailed report about the property in an easy-to-read format using the minimum amount of jargon. Reports are sent in your preferred platform — express post, fax or email — 24 hours after inspection.

What should you do with the report?

Should the report show that the property is in good shape, you can proceed with making an offer for the home. On the other hand, if unseen issues are brought to light, you can either negotiate for a lower price, request for the seller to pay for repairs, or totally back out of the deal. In short, you can make an informed purchasing decision.