Thinking of renovating your home, selling, or buying a property? For all these, you’re going to need to conduct thorough building and pest inspections.


Inspection will ensure your advantage in all of these activities. For home renovations that you, perhaps, wish to carry out with a DIY approach, these inspections will help you procure the permits necessary to get a clearance for the project. Likewise, you can get advice on how to safely carry out the job.

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of selling your home, you get a chance to protect the original value of your property and indicate a profitable asking price. After inspections, you can take care of necessary repairs, and perhaps implement improvements. This way, potential buyers will see nothing wrong with your offering and will no longer want to negotiate your asking price anymore.

And if you’re a buyer who wants to make sure that you’re getting a good deal, conducting your own building and pest inspections will help you with this vital objective.

BPI Building and Pest Inspections in Mill Park is committed to looking after your best interest. As industry experts, they will perform all necessary assessments to ensure you will arrive at the best final decision. Knowing how a lot is at stake, these specialists combine use of the best methods and equipment (thermal imaging cameras and moisture metres) for inspection.

Professional inspections in Mill Park include:

With all of these services, indeed, securing an advantage in whatever transaction you wish to complete will be made easier. You will be provided a comprehensive Building Inspection Report that will present you valuable details that can shape your final decision.

All inspections are performed in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1-1995 and they detail all major defects, problems, or potential problems and safety hazards to the property. The inspection covers the most vulnerable areas of the property: interior, exterior, roof exterior, subfloor, and roof void. However, all other areas of the site with permitted access may also be checked out.

After inspection, we release a report that includes details of the current state of the property, and recommendations about appropriate actions to be taken so the property can reach acceptable standards – meaning, if there’s a need for repairs or replacements of structural components, or special treatments for areas infested by pests, all these will be detailed in the report.

For more information regarding building and pest inspection services, or to get a quote for the inspection service you need, visit or call 1800-505-640 toll free.