Found the property of your dreams in Reservoir, and it’s within your price range? You may be inclined to get the deal done right away, but hold your horses — hasty decisions like that rarely pan out beautifully. For such an expensive purchase, you better be smart; otherwise, what appears to be an asset at first can quickly morph into a liability once you’ve sealed the deal.

Professional inspection services for buyers are:

All these will reveal whether you’re truly getting the best price for the property or whether you can renegotiate, considering the actual overall condition of the place and current real estate trends. The result of the inspections, which is presented in an official report (which you can use as evidence), will reveal current flaws or damages, or potential safety, security and maintenance woes that you will have to deal with in the future.

In addition to those, the report will also include details about improvement requirements so the provision will reach the standards set by authorities. The informative document will also determine how much more money you will have to direct toward the property should you decide to purchase it. You have two options here: You either request for the cost to be brought down (since you will be paying for repairs or appropriate treatments anyway), or the current asking price is maintained but the sellers would have to get the repairs and replacement done out of their own pockets.

Last, but important to mention as well, is that pest inspection results detail the presence of pests endemic to the area and the components within your property that can attract them. It also includes what you need to do to prevent infestation such as making changes in landscaping design, removing attractants, and even treating structural materials.

design, removing attractants, and even treating structural materials.

For effective pest inspection, the professionals at BPI Building and Pest Inspections use the following:

  • Moisture Metres – These detect the presence of termites or property features that may attract these pests.
  • Probe/Tapping Devices – A probe is used to tap the architraves, skirtings, and window reveals and frames, door jambs, and other timber components for termite damage.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera – This gadget is used to scan the walls for hot and cold spots. It measures the surface temperature of structural materials and displays that on the screen as variations of black and white. Nests for termites show up as white or a hot spot, while leakages in certain areas of the property will appear as black or cold spots.

With pest inspection, you can anticipate the kind of maintenance you would have to carry out and examine yourself if you would have no issue performing this responsibility.

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