A new home, even if it’s pre-loved, means a new chapter in life, so you would want to ensure that it brings you positive things instead of problems. When you move into your recently purchased property, you should be able to have the opportunity to experience a fresh, bright start – and not deal with catastrophic situations that threaten the health and safety of your household, and put a major dent in your life savings.

So how do you ensure that the home you buy will be what you expect it to be?

The only way to ensure a smart property purchase is to look into the buying process in the most practical and realistic way. Utilise tools and information access that will equip you with a clear view of the situation. Engage in the services of professionals who will help you make better decisions with their expert counsel and objective perspective. Invest in professional building and pest inspections, Sunshine North property specialists say, to ensure that the choice you make is based on facts and not emotions and guesswork.

What you can avoid and how you can gain from a quality building and best inspection

A termite infestation. A weakened foundation. Leaks on the roof. Clogged drains. These and more are just some of the small and big things that can ruin your future home environment and make your investment a waste of time and money. Experience showed us that it’s the things that you don’t see with your naked eye – faulty wiring inside the walls, rats in the ceiling, mould or insulation issues, etc. – that can bring the costliest damages and the most serious health threats.

Only through the help of a licensed and experienced inspection team will you be able to detect these problems and determine the next steps to take with regards to your buying process. Depending on the arrangement with the seller and based on the report recommendations, you can use the information you have collected from the inspection report to negotiate a more suitable price, request or get financing for repairs, or even walk away from the deal, should the condition of the property appear to be beyond resolution.

Work only with trusted local professionals  

When looking into a pest and building inspections, choose to deal only with reputable experts in your area. You want a team that will use innovative tools and a solid framework. You want to work with people with a reliable and disciplined work ethic. You want transparency and efficiency in the process. Call us now and get the critical guidance you need that will save you from making costly mistakes in home buying, and ensure you go only for the best property investment.