Purchasing a house is not the same as buying a handbag or a new smartphone. With less expensive items, you are assured that should you unknowingly buy one that is defective or not an authentic product of a trusted brand, you can choose to have it replaced or repaired, or even just buy another one if the previous options are unavailable. Any losses will be relatively minimal.

A piece of good quality property, on the other hand, is tedious and expensive to acquire. And once you realise that the house you purchased is not in as excellent a condition as you thought it was, you can’t just call up the seller and demand a replacement or a refund.

So you have to protect your money and ensure that you are making a worthy investment. One of the best tools that will enable you to do just that is the service of reputable professionals who can perform comprehensive building and pest inspections.

BPI specialises in the following important services:

Your hired BPI inspector will perform both building and pest inspections following quality protocols. The latest thermal imagery cameras are used for each inspection, and a clear and concise 30-page report will be provided to the client on the same day as the inspection, or on the next day through email, express post or direct delivery.

BPI Sunshine West inspection specialists are members of QMBA Institute of Building Consultants and the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. They are also fully insured — their comprehensive insurance includes full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity, as required by the Building Services Authority.

Honesty and reliability. Competitive pricing. Easy-to-understand reports that can help investors make wiser, more informed decisions. Realistic, cost-effective and professional advice on handling structural issues unearthed by the inspection.