The Oak Park community is a vibrant one, and whether you have come to the area to start a family or to advance to the next stage of your career, you will find Oak Park is a great place to live.

However, before you purchase your new home here, you need to find a quality home that is structurally sound and free of pests.

Even if you have found a house that you are beginning to think could be your own, you need to make sure that it is everything that it says it is. You must be willing to have it tested for building stability and pests, and that is where Building and Pest Inspection North Melbourne comes in.

Not all damage is visible or apparent. You know what you are looking at when you see a broken window but what about a wall? What about the roof void and other hard to reach areas?

The issue is that so many of the things that can go wrong with a house can affect it for months and even years before it becomes obvious. If you get a substandard inspection, you, the home owner will bear the responsibility for it. Before that happens, you need to bring in professionals like us who can tell you exactly what you’re looking at.

The first question that should be asked is whether the house is sound and the second question is whether the home is free of pests. We can answer both of those questions for you and we have the tools to show you proof of our conclusions.

When you hire our services, you get the comfort of knowing that the home that you have chosen is the right one and that it will shelter you and your family or you will quickly realise that you have dodged a bullet!

With our equipment, we can make sure that your home is fit for living, and one of the best ways that we do that is with a thermal imaging camera. These cameras will show us the hot and cold points in the house.

For example, when termites nest together, they create heat, causing a hot spot. When there is a leak and moisture, it registers as a cold spot on our screens.

If you want to make sure that your new home is everything it is cracked up to be, take a moment to consider what BPI Melbourne can do for you!

The inspection will cover the following areas (when reasonably accessible):

For all our Pre-Purchase Home Inspections / Building and Pest inspections, BPI uses the latest Thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters

With our professional advice and detailed knowledge of the building structure, a BPI Melbourne North Building and Pest Inspection report will give you the confidence you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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