If you are purchasing a home in Taylors Lakes, you want to make sure that you get a thorough building and pest inspection from a qualified inspector. When the report is complete, you will see if the house has any problems that you cannot deal with.

house inspection

You can also have your house inspected just before you sell it to make sure that it is not infested with insects and to see that it’s structurally sound. The termite or other insect damage will come up in the report of the house inspection and you will be able to make repairs before you sell the house.

You do not want to invest money in the house unless you have had it checked out first. Also, you will notice that there are small things you can ask the seller to fix before you buy the house.

Commercial buildings need to be inspected every year to make sure that they meet the local building codes. You will be surprised to learn that many buildings develop problems over the course of the year, and they need to have repairs done so that you can inhabit them.

When you have code problems in the building, you can make the upgrades based on the report that is given to you by the building inspector. The purpose of these inspections is the safety of everyone in the building.

You need to protect the people in your house or building, but you also need to protect your investment. If you are having these inspections done regularly, you will never have to worry about encountering problems in the future. They can be found with ease, repaired and you will be able to sell or inhabit the building as you please.

The inspection will cover the following areas (when reasonably accessible):

For all our Pre-Purchase / Building and Pest inspection BPI uses the latest Thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters

With our professional advice and detailed knowledge of the building structure, a BPI Melbourne North Building and Pest Inspection report will give you the confidence you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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