building inspections Craigieburn What’s the one thing you shouldn’t skip when you’re managing the residential property, whether you’re an owner or a seller? Craigieburn real estate experts say building and pest inspections are a primary investment that you should never delay or disregard.

Getting help from professionals who will launch a thorough investigation into the state of the Craigieburn property you own or are interested in will help you save money and avoid making misinformed decisions.

With the guidance of a comprehensive pest and building inspections report, anyone looking into or already engaged in property investment will be able to determine the best steps to take that will result in sure ROI.

Who benefits the most from a professional pest and building inspection?

A quality inspection delivers major advantages with a real dollar value to the following property investors:

Existing homeowners – Knowing the condition of your property inside and out will allow you to ensure the health and safety of your household. Should the inspectors find damage, pests, or other issues with your home, you can immediately make the necessary repairs or upgrades and ensure continued market value appreciation of your property.

Rental property owners – A lot of property investors are also taking advantage of building inspections to know if they are eligible for tax depreciation benefits, especially if they’re offering their newly purchased or constructed property for rent. If you have been approved as eligible for these tax exemptions, you can receive allowable deductions in your yearly tax returns. You can also claim deductions or allowances to finance capital work projects, for depreciating assets and structural improvements.

Home buyers – People looking into a property purchase will make smarter decisions if they know the real state of the home they are eyeing. This is only possible through a thorough, professional pest and building inspection that will dig deep into all aspects of the property. We will inspect everything from structural condition to electrical systems, plumbing, pipework and also the pest situation.

Home sellers – A home inspection will allow you to learn about the true condition of your property. Depending on the report, you can make the necessary improvements to increase your asking price, or share the findings with a potential buyer and let them take care of the repairs so you can settle on a fair price for all parties. When you offer transparent and accurate information, you’re more likely to find an ideal buyer for your home and ensure a fast and hassle-free purchase.

Your trusted pest and building inspection specialists in Craigieburn

BPI is known for our top-notch customer service, honest and meticulous work, insured services and report delivery within 24 hours. With our professional advice, local knowledge, and realistic pricing, our clients have been able to enjoy rewarding property investment throughout the years.

In addition to our building and pest inspection services available in Craigieburn, we also offer a range of other services including private building surveyor services and tax depreciation schedule inspections. Our service area extends throughout Melbourne and includes Caroline SpringsTaylors Hill, and Tarneit.