Providing Methamphetamine Inspections to the Northern Suburbs

When purchasing a new home, having an extensive building and pest inspection is the norm. As inspectors, want to ensure  that you the buyer are as informed as possible Unfortunately, with methamphetamine (ice) use on the rise in Australia, prudent home buyers are now conducting methamphetamine inspections to check for the possible existence of meth contamination in their future properties.

Building and Pest Inspections North Melbourne are now offering our customers methamphetamine inspections to the people of Sunbury, Craigieburn, Bacchus Marsh, Sunshine, and to greater Melbourne North. These inspections rarely focus on finding meth labs, but more on the contamination that regular meth use can have on a home. Smoking meth regularly inside a home can highly contaminate a home, and can sometimes return contamination readings as high as those produced by a meth lab.

The chemical residue of methamphetamine can seep into furnishing, carpets, walls, and the ceilings. It can have some serious health risks – like pre-existing health conditions getting worse, breathing difficulties, skin irritation, sleep pattern changes and even behavioural changes in children. 

The Solution to a New Problem

As a property owner or manager, you’re responsible for making sure that a property is safe for habitation. Australian laws say that meth contamination above 0.5 micrograms in a 100cm square space not acceptable for habitation of a dwelling, and contamination levels greater than 0.5micrograms in a 100cm square space need that property in question to be remediated. Contamination will linger in the house long after the users leave – unlike tobacco or marijuana.

If you believe that your property could be contaminated, we’re here to help you by providing a full methamphetamine inspection to give you peace of mind. We use a laboratory based screening method to establish if the property you’re about to purchase or sell is clean from meth contamination and the health risks it comes with.

We’re here to help you. If you believe that a meth test is needed for your Sunshine, Sunbury, Bacchus Marsh, or Craigieburn then don’t hesitate to call us today.

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We’re proud to offer outstanding customer service, meticulous inspections, clear and concise reports and professional advice. We’re here to give you peace of mind with methamphetamine inspections, pest and building inspections, and tax depreciation schedules for your home and we understand that defect identifications is extremely important not only to new home owners but for the maintenance of older homes.

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