If you are planning on acquiring some new property in the near future, getting a quality building and pest inspection done first is a must.

BPI Melbourne is part of BPI Australia, a fully licensed and insured building and pest inspection company with inspectors all over the land including professional inspectors in Pascoe Vale who can organise a full, unbiased property inspection on a moment’s notice.

We serve the entire Melbourne metropolitan area with top-quality, through building inspections that will prove an invaluable aid in making wise real estate purchasing decisions.

Unlike some property inspectors, we welcome you to attend and closely observe the entire inspection process from beginning to end.

That way, we can address any concerns and answer any questions you may have without delay.

A full inspection typically takes only around two hours and we can work with the property owner to gain permission for you to attend.

We can do our best to schedule a time when you are able to be there. If, however, you cannot find time in your busy schedule, we will call you after the inspection is complete to discuss with you our findings.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed to conduct building inspections and our subsequent reports are in full compliance with Australian standards. We are highly experienced at conducting visual interior and exterior inspections that reveal any cracks, faulty construction, or other issues. We make sure the property is safe and in good condition before you commit to purchasing it. We will compare the building to other properties of a similar age and type and make many notations about any variations from the norm.

Qualified Pest Inspections

We are also a fully licensed timber-pest inspections company that meets and exceeds Australian governmental requirements. We know how to examine structural framing, rafters, joists, etc. We search meticulously inside the house, around the outside of the house and out in the yard for the presence of termites and other destructive pests. We look for them under landscape timbers, near pavers, and inside of tree stumps. We do not only report to you on pest activities, but also on conditions that may favour future pest activity. All the latest tools are employed: moisture meters to test wood, borescopes to check inside of wall cavities, acoustic probes to listen for termite sounds, and thermal camera imaging to detect the body heat produced by termites.

Contact us today on 1800 505 640 for a professional job of inspecting the property you’re interested in for overall structural soundness and for pest resistance. We look forward to working with you.

The inspection will cover the following areas (when reasonably accessible):

For all our Pre-Purchase Building InspectionsRental Property Depreciation Schedule BPI uses the latest Thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters

With our professional advice and detailed knowledge of the building structure, a BPI Melbourne North Building and Pest Inspection report will give you the confidence you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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