Pre Purchase Inspections… NOT A WASTE OF MONEY!

Home buyers sometimes wrestle with the question “should I get a pre purchase inspection or not?” Obviously buying a home is an expensive time, with the amount of money that is spent on professional fees to removal costs, finding a little more to complete a pre purchase inspection is looked upon as optional, not essential!

This may change your mind…

Recently BPI Melbourne was engaged to complete a Building and Pest inspection on a 35 year old home in Melbourne’s North for a Single mum buying her first home.

We commenced the inspection with a tap test on the available timbers (Termite will often destroy timbers but leave a thin timber veneer which may appear ok but when tapped makes a hollow paper type sound) the first thing we noticed that the floor felt uneven underfoot and that for an old house it had new timber laminate flooring, Continue on a little way through we started to notice a lot of touch up of paint to the skirtings and architraves, we arrive at the bathroom more paint touch up and what appeared to be possible Termite Damage in the door jamb, then more damage at the kitchen which had been filled and painted also, as we move through some skirtings looked newer than others, various areas of carpet had been loosely installed which indicated that they recently had been lifted, we proceeded to lift back the edge and found extensive damage to the boards and Termite mud tunnels along the corrugations of the rubber underlay of the carpet.

We then moved to the flat roof which had exposed oregan beams painted white, as we Tapped them it was apparent that Termite damage was had been patched and concealed the damage was so bad in some areas that we could Squeeze the walls of beams in out with little effort, when we shone a torch along the side of the beam the patching was everywhere, clearly we weren’t the first to discover this damage

Enter the sub floor (Underneath the Home) it wasn’t long before we worked out why the floor felt uneven and the new timber laminate had been installed the owner had completed some very poor repairs on many areas that had been damaged from the termite infestation, leaving a lot of less damaged flooring in place and various damaged timbers removed and left on the ground in the sub floor.

Externally there were various timbers that had sustained Termite Damage from facia timbers to timber left on ground.

Once the inspection had been completed is was very clear to us that the damage to the property had been concealed in an attempt to get it through the sale process.

We notified the owner of our findings, she was then empowered to make an informed decision as to which way to proceed, If she had not engaged BPI Melbourne to conduct her Pre purchase inspection she would now be facing a repair cost of in excess of 50k which was 20% of the houses asking price

The median house price for Melbourne is 545k (at June) to undertake a pre purchase inspection is less than .1 %, this represents a small investment that at very least can give you peace of mind, or could save you $$$$, so give us a call on 1800 505 640 and BPI Melbourne can conduct your Pre Purchase inspection and take the “what if” out of buying you next property.


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